Fastest Acting RTI Tier II & Tier III is Now WIDA Compatable

Too many reading comprehension interventions are far too slow for these non-readers because they are based on the antiquated notion that phonics must always be taught first.


This is why I created Failure Free Reading – the fastest acting reading comprehension intervention as the following instructional video with an mother and daughter English Language Learner clearly shows:

Failure Free Reading is a non-phonic first, WIDA compatable, reading comprehension intervention that shows what struggling readers students can immediately understand when we tap into the brain’s non-phonic, visually-based reading ability.

Failing students can read for meaning. Failing students can read with expressive fluency. Failing students can do faster higher and more. All they need is something different. Nine published articles and one million hours of instruction show Failure Free Reading does work.

My interventions are extremely reasonable. Give me a call and I will personally tell you how we can help you or try it yourself for free for two weeks with a student of your choice. You will be amazed!

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